Before the dark times, before the Orthogide of Kaifaacar, humans remained in the minority living at the mercy of the gods and the great monsters of the world, but in relative harmony with other races. The decades of drought, volcanic activity and disease brought on by the now myth laden battles between Count of Wurzburg and, according to oral legends, the off-worlders eventually took its toll on the human’s abilities to mine salt, grow crops and prosper in their racial need for commerce. As is in the nature of humans, tribes began to look for someone or something to blame for their tribulations. It was then that Edm Mahmud rose in the ranks of orators to proclaim that the blame rested with the non-human creatures.
As the power of Edm Mahmud grew, so too did his hunger for that power and his deep delusional mental state. Great armies assembled in the named purpose of saving the superior human race and putting to right the balance of human to non-human. It was at that time that the Orthogide of Kaifaacar was created and the cleansing began. Darkness fell on the minds and hearts of the world and the blood was abundant.
Non-humans of every sort were rounded up and imprisoned or put to death. Their bodies consumed by fires whose pillars of smoke could be seen from any point in the land, rising like still fingers to the heavens as if pointing the way for the souls to travel. Those imprisoned, worked the mines and factories of the humans, pulling the metals, salt, coal and precious stones from the ravaged earth and working them into the commodities required to satiate the hunger of the humans for trade. These were the stronger of their races who survived to work as slaves to the human.
Among the prisons, some were dedicated to furthering the magic and science of the humans. In one such famous prison, experiments done in transplanting the special and valued characteristics of the non-human creature onto, the assumed, superior structure of the human were carried out with impunity. A Mage by the name of Vladimirbean Demikhovit had the most success in this aspect of the magic. His successes in combining species traits of otherwise incompatible species remain unsurpassed to this day. One of the most amazing undocumented aspects of his experimentation is the rumored genetic transference of the combined species traits onto a succeeding generation. It is said, that these resulting new humans were given education and held prestigious positions within the prison communities. While they were not fully human and therefore not to be treated as equals, neither were they the shameful results of interspecies breeding that were mostly scorned by both societies. Both the humans and the non-humans consider these unique creatures as highly intelligent, useful, and most beloved pets.
There were races other than human that managed to thrive during this time, despite the racial cleansing. These races use blood in their rites and sustenance. They lived in the shadows, kept to themselves but thrived, thanks to the abundance of death. Overtime the non-humans began to band together, overcoming their own distrust of one another in order to build their resources, and strike back against the humans. Even within the human community, sympathizers were found to aid in the liberation of the non-humans and the restoration of a multi-race world. For a full decade, the rebellion against the genocide raged until finally the leadership of humans within the Orthogide of Kaifaacar found themselves in a position of ultimate defeat.
In quick succession, rumors of the death, possibly self-inflicted, of Edm Mahmud began to fly, though no evidence of his remains has ever been found. All in the lands felt disturbances in the great magic, and signs of rifts in localized realities were reported. When finally the rebel forces led by the Blood Elves of Cappadocia descended upon the hilltop camps of the remaining Orthogide of Kaifaacar leadership, it was discovered that the camp was empty. No trace of the humans remained. Among those missing were the feared Baron Harkomen, commandant of the cruelest of all the experimental prison camps; Baron Samedi, greatest of the human blood mages; and famed dwarf-killer, Ange Fodero de Bass.
Now free, all the races struggle to find their place in the new world order, including the humans. Uneasy coexistence in the best that can be found and forgiveness is still a mere hope living only in small nooks of community. Resentments and the desire for revenge wrestle with the desire for peace, and, as is always true, there are those whose desire for power, domination, and prestige would fill the void left by the missing members of Orthogide of Kaifaacar.

Orthogide of Kaifaacar

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